Monday, May 4, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day book

FOR TODAY Monday 5-4-2009
Outside my window...
It's a new day, yesterday we had very bad weather, this morning the sun is trying to shine,
limbs are everywhere, birds are chripping softy. The seeds DH planted last week is starting to break through.
I am thinking...
I am so sad I didn't get to go see Marissa sing Sat night and her Daddy didn't make it back to Jackson to see her either. I guess it's this meds and being sick so long, but I am terrible depressed today. The storm came through yesterday caused a lot of damage and left alot of clean up to do.
I am thankful ….
that even though we had winds of up to 85 miles an hour we didn't suffer alot of damage to the home and only a few limbs blown down.
From the kitchen...
Coffee, and rice crispy treats, I know not a very healthy breafast. DH smoked a pork roast today and we will have pull porked sandwiches with coleslaw and tater salad for supper..
I am wearing
demin shorts and blue Richland Rangers T-shirt, and white fluffy socks.
I am going
try to get my bedroom redo done this week.
I am creating...
a Rooster lamp for my new look in my bedroom, will cover the lamp shade with material cut from my curtains I will be redoing this week. I am finishing my redwork pillow cases...
I am reading...
not getting any reading done right now.
I am hoping...
To finish my bedroom make over, also hope my bed comforter and dust ruffle arrives this week. I ordered my curtains 4 days after the comforter and they arrived Sat still no comforter set.
I am praying
That God will touch me and get rid of the depression I find myself in.
I am hearing...
DH snoring and Chi-Chi barking at the cows that are getting to close to her yard fence.
Around the house...
clothes need washing, curtains need cutting off and heming, then hung, furinture needs repainting
need to make my lamp shade and some threw pillows out of the extra material.
One of my favorite things...
How my DH will let me do anything I want in this house and will help do anything I ask, he is going to drill a hole in a ceramic Rooster for me to make my lamp...
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday Go to Wally World. Get double curtain robs and kit for lamp[. Get kit to make clock out of a plate I painted, black spray paint for furinture. Go to post office to mail package for TT T2T exchange.
Tues. work on curtains and pillows
Weds. hopefully paint furniture
Thurs. buy groceries, go by Pete's and pick out my new flooring and rest as much as possible.
Fri. Straighten up the house and get ready for the week-end...
Sat. play by ear
Sunday.. Attend Church
Here is a picture thought for the day....
These are a few pictures a friend took in Brookhaven this morning and emailed to me....
Hope you have a great day. don't forget to check out the other daybooks for today.


  1. Hello My Friend! I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so blue. Now this is what I do...a long steamy shower...let my mind drift. Put on my make up and do my hair...while I'm doing that I talk to God...Thank Him for a beautiful day and ask Him to lift my mood. I put on my favorite bright colors and call someone I like to go shopping with...or do lunch with...or sometimes...I just go alone...just get out for no reason. I think of happy memories and speak to everyone I encounter. I do a little window's always a factor with me...and I eat a favorite meal. I come home...into some grubbies...and paint...whatever surface I have available...whatever pattern comes to mind. Everything on my "have to do list" will have to wait! I got Elvis going...or maybe old time mo town or rock & roll...or maybe southern gospel...something I like that I can hum along with.
    I're thinking it all sounds a little forced...but, try'll find yourself tapping your foot to the music and feeling better by supper time.
    If God be for us...who can be against us? Good days don't happen by accident...set your head and your heart...and make it happen!
    Hugs from Texas,

  2. depression is such a struggle through life I pray you will feel better soon

  3. Sorry you're feeling down. I just found your blog via (un)Deniably Domestic and have enjoyed reading it. I'm in Alabama and we had a horrible storm yesterday, too. Brought down a huge pine in our yard, but also gave us much-needed rain, and for that we thank God!

  4. Every time I get to what's in your kitchen my mouth waters. :)
    Rice Krispy Treats are my fav...EVER!!

  5. I heard you had some bad storms coming through. Glad it wasn't worse. Have a lovely week.

  6. I am so sorry to hear you are feeling like a little ol' turnip. It will pass, it will pass, hang onto that thought. But it is hard.

    I wish the doctors were worth their salt and could just figure out what is wrong and fix it, is that too much to ask? I think not. It IS depressing to know something is wrong and not be able to get it diagnosed correctly.

    Well at least the storm didn't do a job on your trees like those poor people in Brookhaven, and that poor soul who died in Laurel. But be careful please!!!